The Martine Rothblatt

Space Settlement In Our Lifetime Prize

Saturday, May 28, 2:00 PM

Second Annual Business Plan Contest Doubles Prize Money

The National Space Society is proud to host the finalist presentations for The Rothblatt Space Settlement in Our Lifetime Prize business plan competition on Saturday, 2-5pm. The annual Rothblatt Space Settlement in Our Lifetime competition consists of three awards of $16,000, $10,000, and $6,000 USD for the best business plans that reflect Dr. Rothblatt’s vision for space settlement.

Please join us on Saturday, 2pm – 5pm to and help cheer on the finalists as they share their plans to advance Space Settlement in our Lifetime!  To learn more, please visit contest website using the button below.

“Dr. Rothblatt’s vision for space settlement explores every facet of our ultimate journey beyond Earth,” said Michelle Hanlon, the president of the National Space Society. “She foresees not just the migration of human beings to free-floating space habitats, but the preservation of individual human identities via digital ‘mindfiles’ that can be integrated into new bodies. This kind of thinking really pushes the boundaries of human creativity and innovation. We are confident that her Space Settlement in our Lifetime business plan competition will continue to push the same boundaries.”

The Space Settlement in our Lifetime competition is open to anyone, of any age, anywhere on Earth (local laws and restrictions may apply). Those wishing to enter must create a compelling business plan that will help to enable some aspect or increment of space settlement. See more at Two informative presentations by Dr. Rothblatt can be viewed there. The deadline for submissions is March 15, 2022. All business plan submissions should be made in PDF format.

Schedule for The Martine Rothblatt Prize